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App Privacy Policy

This privacy statement concerns the Timeflex software provided by Timeflex Systems AS. Timeflex is a Time Registration System. Data processing agreements are written with the companies that buy Timeflex. Please contact our Customer Center for further information about the terms and conditions.

Type of information you provide: Timeflex does not collect user information when downloading software. The software becomes valid by entering a security key provided by those who administer the system with Timeflex's customers. In order to use the system, additional usernames and passwords are required that are generated in the admin section of the software. This is received in own shipping from the customer's administrator.

Examples of information obtained: There is no information retrieved when downloading software. The software will not be valid without a valid security key, username and password. This is received by the administrator at Timeflex, usually the Human Resources Department or Manager.

Purpose of data storage: The purpose of the information in Timeflex is to keep track of working hours, flexibility, absence and to form a salary basis. The salary base is transferred manually or electronically to payroll. Only Timeflex Systems as customers have access to the data in the system.

How is the information stored?: The information is stored either internally in the companies of Timeflex Systemer's customers or on Microsoft Azure servers.

How is the information deleted?: Timeflex Systems AS does not store any information in the systems for personal use. Data in the Timeflex application is owned by Timeflex Systems AS customers. The customer's rules govern when information is deleted.

Disclosure of information to third parties?: Timeflex Systems does not share information with third parties.

Rights: All who ask are entitled to basic information about personal data processing in a company pursuant to section 18, first paragraph, of the Personal Data Act. Timeflex Systems has provided this information in this declaration and will refer it to any requests. Timeflex Systems AS does not store any information for personal use. With regard to access and data removal requirements in Timeflex, you must contact the data owner who is an employer (Timeflex customer). For contact information, please see bottom of page.