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Easy and inexpensive system for timesheets. Appreciated by both managers and employees. Call us and will get you started today!

Timeflex basis

The product for those who needs to record time easily and efficiently. Handles every type of working hours and gives employees and managers a good overview. A great alternative to manual timesheets and ”home-made” spreadsheets. All calculations of flexitime, overtime and shift additions happens automatically, and the system produces a finished basis for payroll registration. It also keeps track of vacation time and other absences. It is so easy to use you can get started today.

If you need a good and simple solution for controlling timesheets this is a good budget option. This is an adequate solution where every process is automated. However, the most important is that this is a solution that both employees and managers are pleased with because of its simplicity and intuitiveness.

As an employee you have full control over your own work hours. Your flexitime balance will now always be updated and overtime automatically calculated. The system can also calculate any salary additions in rotary plans. Overview of vacation balance, used vacation days and other absence is just one click away. Timeflex Basis can be used from your own computer or from a dedicated computer in a common area in your company.

For managers it is easy to keep track of your own employees. You will always have updated management information. What is updated status on overtime, vacation balance and sick leaves? Is there sufficient staffing in the planned vacation? Who is present at work, or not? Reports from the system is easily exported to Excel.

Product Comparison

Timeflex Basis Timeflex Pluss
Take control over working hours, flexitime, traveltime, TOIL, overtime, vactaion and absence
Shift additions
Advanced Workschedules
holiday lists
Sickness Statistics
Payroll Integration
Especially beneficial priced
Reports sent to Word / Excel
Outlook Integration
Touchscreen support
RFID card support
Easy set-up of dedicated timerecorder
Approval Workflow
Unlimited numbers of admins
Android/Iphone App available
MAC support (via Remote App)
Centralized installation share
Can be used without SQL Server
Microsoft SQL server based
Cloudbased solution available
Supports Internet Time Servers
Can fetch project information from external servers
Integrated Project Module
English Language module
Scandinavian Language modules
Language module autodetect

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Timeflex is a simple and functional timerecording system that can be used to keep track of all kinds of working hours.

Timeflex Basis (Instruction videos)

Here you can find three simple instruction videos demonstrating installasjon, normal use and administrator use of Timeflex Basis.