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Timeflex Pluss is a modern time tracking system. If your business needs project registration, smart phone clocking, online cloud solutions or a system that can easily be deployed in your organization, Timeflex Pluss is the system for you. It can be used on every platform, and the systems flexibility covers every need a business might have for tracking working hours. We have trained qualified personell that can help you manage time for all employees, and we can deliver complete solutions in this area. We can also offer personal service and support, and we will make sure that you will get the most out of your investment.

Timeflex Pluss

What separates our system from others is the freedom of choice and flexibility. You, as our customer, can decide how to implement the system in your organization. Should it be cloud based or installed on-premises? Should it be possible to clock in or out with a smartphone, or do you want the employees to be present at work before they can check in? Should the project database be automatically synchronized with the ERP-system, or is it enough to update it manually? Do you need Timeflex in multiple languages? Should it be run on a PC or a Mac? You decide. The system is delivered with three additional modules; payroll integration, project registration and mobile clocking.

Timeflex Pluss builds on the functionality in Timeflex Basis with an easy and user friendly timerecording system. Users can access the system from tablets, smart phones, their own computer at work/home or a dedicated time recording computer, dependent on what kind of access they are given. The most important is that they get a full and updated timesheet at any times. No time-demanding routines at the end of every month, just a keystroke to approve the timesheet. Apps can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple Store or from an URL. An access code from your from manager or system administrator is all that is required to get started.

The managers has a better overview of the workflow and have full control over which employees that has approved their timesheets and if wages are paid. Best practice for abcence detection, and an advanced functionallity for tracking graded sick leaves. Good tools for vacation planning and absence/attendance monitoring is work saving.

Administration and HR-department can easily handle different work time schedules. Enjoy the user friendly and intuitive graphical interface when you set up defined working hours, flexitime, overtime and shifts (rotary plans). Our experience is that different customers have very different agreements. The strength of Timeflex is that it is possible and easy to adopt for special needs. Absence and attendance reports can easily be exported to Excel.

When you get to the integration with other systems you will really see the advantage of Timeflex Pluss. In a few hours you can set up, get the necessary training, test and start transferring absence/attendance data and working hours/overtime hours to the payroll system. When it comes to tracking of time on projects and clients we are very flexible. For some customers we will set up a direct link to the client/project database, while others will choose to set it up manually. We can easily customize reports based on your needs.

Choose between keeping your data locally on your own (on premises) SQL server, or hosted in the Cloud. As a Microsoft Partner and Solution Provider it was natural for us to choose Microsoft Azure databases for storing data online. With their professionalism they offer a really good system for safety, response time and uptime that an ordinary firm have problems beating. With mirrored/relicated databases several places, your data will immediately move to another server if something breaks down. As a customer your company will be set-up with a dedicated Timeflex database either locally or in the cloud. All the information transmitted online is encrypted to achieve maximun data security.

Timeflex has been designed so that it can track time quickly and securely, and numerous options exist in the system to achieve this. One can identify yourself with pin code (with keyboard or touch screen), or Single SignOn if one uses a Microsoft AD network. Of course you can also use mobile phones. Here we use a real App (iPhone or Android), and in this case you will be identified through your phone id with the help of our advanced security algorithms. In addition you can also use RFID card / keychain or a simple barcode reader. A new feature now is that you also can read fingerprints. A solution that is possible after working closely with Zwipe.

Product Comparison

Timeflex Basis Timeflex Pluss
Take control over working hours, flexitime, traveltime, TOIL, overtime, vactaion and absence
Shift additions
Advanced Workschedules
holiday lists
Sickness Statistics
Payroll Integration
Especially beneficial priced
Reports sent to Word / Excel
Outlook Integration
Touchscreen support
RFID card support
Easy set-up of dedicated timerecorder
Approval Workflow
Unlimited numbers of admins
Android/Iphone App available
MAC support (via Remote App)
Centralized installation share
Can be used without SQL Server
Microsoft SQL server based
Cloudbased solution available
Supports Internet Time Servers
Can fetch project information from external servers
Integrated Project Module
English Language module
Scandinavian Language modules
Language module autodetect