Timeflex- for small and big businesses all over the world

Timeflex is in use at both small and large companies. If you wish to talk to anyone who uses the system, you may contact us.

Camera og VideoTeknikk
Jungheinrich AG

One of the world’s three large suppliers of new and used trucks, truck rental and truckservice on a world basis.

Jungheinrich Norge AS started to use Timeflex in 2013. With a lot of employees spread all over Norway it was natural to choose a cloud solution to stay online as long you have an internet connection. The service technicians in Jugheinrich are a lot out with customers, and it was therefore important that they could record time with their cell phones. The system was introduced at the same time they decided to standardize rules regarding flexible time and overtime for their employees. It was important to have a system which made it easy to document the rules was followed, both for the staff and the managers.

After Sales Manager Jørn Burmester tells us the system was easy to set up, and within short time they had all new routines. Employees check in and out daily and approve their timesheets monthly with a cellphone or directly from their own computer. The manager then approves the timesheets electronically. When everyone has approved, the timesheets and absence is automatically transferred to the Huldt and Lillevik pay roll system. This contributes to time saving in the organization.

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Camera og VideoTeknikk
Crawford & Company

Crawford & Company has over 300 users in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Crawford & Company is the world’s biggest supplier of independent claim handlings service within insurance and risk management.

We use Timeflex Pluss for our employees in the Nordic countries. We use our own SQL database and our employees stamp at their own computers. Our experience is that it was easy to start using Timeflex, and that Timeflex is a flexible system and a flexible organization. We have previously used other timerecording software and we know the challenges when the systems get rigid and hard to change.

Trond K. Svendsen, Nordic HR Manager, says he appreciates that the system can be used in Swedish in Sweden and on Danish in Denmark. It is also nice that you easily can use the information in Timeflex in other systems. We calculate for example the ratio of billed time directly in our productivity reports with numbers from Timeflex compared with billed time.

Larvik County

Larvik County in Norway has over 500 Timeflex users.

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Hasås AS has been using Timeflex for many years. Their production and management departments has more than one hundred daily users.

Hasås AS is a wood products company located in Kodal. They produce panels and cladding, and equipment to deliver bespoke profiles and surface finish wood for indoor and outdoor use.

Jangard export
Jangaard Export AS

Jangaard Export AS produces klipfish for Bacalao in beautiful Røst in Lofoten.

Jangaard Export AS, department Røst, is a production facility for salty fish laying on a group of islands in outer Lofoten. They receive in the fresh cod from fishing boats, and prepearing it for salting and export it as klipfish. It is 100 km to mainland from her, and the Atlantic Sea is their nearest neighbor in the west. 30 employees uses Timeflex Basis to record time.

Torbjørn Eide is the manager. He chose Timeflex because it is easy to manage and it is easy to use. Earlier he used a lot of different timesheets to calculate hours prior to payroll payments. Today there is no manual calculations, Timeflex keeps track of all time. Everything shows in the reports I e-mail to our outsourced payroll office. And the system is fair. The employees are happy.

Eide found Timeflex online. The big physical distance between Røst and the town where Timeflex Systemer AS is located is no problem. Most problems are fixed by phone. “If it’s needed, they will log onto my computer with TeamViewer and help me here”, says Eide.

Camera og VideoTeknikk
Camera & Videoteknikk

Camera & Videoteknikk AS is one the Nordic countries biggest workshops for photo, video and TV-products.

Camera & Videoteknikk AS is considered as a leading actor in analog and digital photo and video in Norway, and is also a major service providor on sound- and flatscreen products, appliances as well as in professional service, onshore and offshore. The business is localized in Åsene, about a mile from Bergen city center, and also has a subdivision in Oslo. They started using Timeflex in 2008 for about 40 users.

"“Before that we had an own developed program for timesheets ”, tells IT manager Jon Riber Sparre. “This eventully after a few years became too heavy to manage and update, and we had to find something new. The alternative was to program a new solution, but this is not how we want to spend our time, and we chose to look at a third part solution. A web search made us familiar with Timeflex, and we tested the program. We saw plenty of unused potential in the program to meet our needs. We were therefore excited to see how Timeflex would respond to our wishes”"

We are ourselves programmers and use programming to fill our own needs, and are engaged in testing and development of other system we use. We can really not be considered a normal user. Because of this we are not easily impressed. However, Timeflex have met our expectations. Since then we have cooperated well with Timeflex, and the program has become an invaluable tool for us in the administration of our employees work hours and work hour agreements.

Camera & Videoteknikk is using 12” touch screens and is making use of Timeflex integrated on-screen keyboard.

Read more about Camera & Videoteknikk www.camera.no

Norsk Analyse
Norsk Analyse AS

Norsk Analyse AS – Timeflex Pluss is responsible for capturing project hours and employee generated data. Timeflex is also the the master data soure for their Microsoft Dynamics installation and for their own local Data Warehouse.

Norsk Analyse AS is a business that delivers analysis systems and solutions towards the process, gas and oil industry. Headquarters are in Tønsberg, Norway with a daughter company in Sweden, Denmark, Turkey and Trinidad. Norsk Analyse has a license for 70 users in Timeflex, which is used in the business in Norway and Sweden. Timeflex is integrated with the pay roll system of Huldt & Lillevik. Norsk Analyse use the module for tracking time on projects in Timeflex, and exchange electronically data with the ERP-system Microsoft Dynamics AX.

”We chose the system based on how user friendly it is.” says Morten M. Andersen in Norsk Analyse. ”It has also been important for us to work with a flexible supplier that can adapt to our needs, develop the program, and make specific functionalities made just for us. We experience that Timeflex System is easy and professional to cooperate with”.

Read more about Norsk Analyse www.norskanalyse.com